Football: Its Basic Features And History

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Do you love sports? Are you a player of soccer or a fan? Do you know how to play football? Do you want to know its history? This article is all about football. After reading it, you will have an insight into the basic features of the football game, its history and great teams. It is a fact there are thousands of football players and millions of football fans.


Football is also called soccer. It is the game in which two teams compete. Each team has 11 players, and they have to manoeuvre the ball in the second team’s goal. They have to do it with any part of the body except using their hands. Here are some essential basic points of the football game.

  • The football team has 11 players.
  • The player cannot use hand to push the ball.
  • The goalkeeper may handle the ball but only in the penalty area.
  • A penalty area is surrounding the goal.
  • The team which scores more goals is the winner.


It is the most popular game in the world. It has more participants and spectators than any other sport. Its rules and principles are simple. It uses simple equipment. You may play this game anywhere. You may play it in fields, gymnasiums, streets, schools and beaches. Fifa is the governing body of international football. There are approximately 250 million estimated football players and 1.3 billion have interest in this game. Twenty-six billion peoples watched month-long World cup matches.


So as modern football is concerned, it originated in Britain in the 19th century. Before it, the game was played according to local customs. There were no rules and was played in towns locally. In 1843, its provisions were formulated. This was the first attempt to codify and standardize the game. The Cambridge students formed a football club. The rules were printed which prohibited carrying of the ball. Since 1870 only goalkeeper can handle the ball only. Yet a few clubs had their own rules. The game spread all over the world. Different clubs came into being, and competition started between different teams. Today the game is played across the globe.

International Football

As the game spread across Europe, it was considered that there should be an organization to regulate the sport. It was the main factor in the formulation of FIFA. The representatives of different European countries met in 1904 and set up this organization. An Englishman Daniel Woolfall was elected its first president. Britain got control over the rules of football. Now, Fifa controls the game and holds different football events. Football world cup is the top tournament which is held under Fifa control.


We have discussed the fundamental nature and history football game. It is a fact that this game is commercialized and it has become an enterprise. The different club hires the services of different players for matches and seasons. The game has millions of fans across the globe and has given rise to hundreds of businesses related to football.

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